Current Bid List

Please contact Laura or Kristin on any of the upcoming projects to receive an iSqFt invitation.

Project Location Due Start Stop Estimator Architect
Aldi 02 Marinette 6/18-M 6/25/18 10/10/18 Spencer MS Consultants
Remodel/Expansion WI 10:00AM
Winnebago County Appleton 6/19-T 10/31/18 Joe Winnebago County
Salt Storage Facitlity WI Noon
Wal-Mart 913 Decorah 6/20-W 8/5/18 10/25/18 Adam LK Architecture
Remodel IA Noon
Wal-Mart 3210 Springfield (NE) 6/20-W 8/5/18 11/8/18 Steve Cyntergy
Remodel IL Noon
Fond du Lac County Airport Fond du Lac 6/21-TH TBD 7/10/19 Adam Omnni
New Hanger/SRE Building WI Noon
NWTC Green Bay 6/21-TH 7/16/18 10/29/18 Spencer Somerville
Locker Room Remodel WI Noon
Village of Denmark Denmark 6/21-TH 12/14/18 Pete Mcmahon
Well #3 Generator & Electrical Upgrades WI Noon
Brown County Green Bay 6/21-TH 9/4/18 6/28/19 Joe Somerville
Construction of the STEM Center WI 2:00PM
Wal-Mart 1138 Madison 6/25-M 8/12/18 10/4/18 Adam SGA
Remodel WI 11:00AM
Wal-Mart 2421 St. Croix Falls 6/25-M 8/12/18 11/1/18 Steve SGA
Remodel WI 11:00AM
Wal-Mart 2967 Fort Wright 6/26-T 8/12/18 11/1/18 Adam Harrison French
Remodel KY Noon
Wal-Mart 1654 Baxter 6/26-T 8/19/18 11/8/18 Steve LK
Remodel MN Noon
Wal-Mart 1952 Fridley 6/26-T 8/19/18 10/11/18 Steve LK
Remodel MN Noon
City of Oshkosh Oshkosh 6/28-TH 8/1/18 11/15/18 Spencer T.R. Karrels
Safety Building Locker Room/Restroom Renovation WI 9:00AM
UWGB Green Bay 6/28-TH 8/6/18 10/31/18 Joe AGL
Instructional Services Plaza Deck Replacement WI 12:00PM
Wal-Mart 1938-117 Bedford Park 7/3-T 8/19/18 11/8/18 Adam Cyntergy
Remodel IL Noon
Community Action Agency & Human Resources Authority Escanaba 7/10-T Spencer Dynamic Design Group
Office Remodel MI 11:00AM??
State of WI Dodgeville 7/19-TH Curt Terracon
Cox Hollow Dam Repair WI Noon
Steve Hucek Director of Pre-Construction 920-406-0132
Joe Graney Senior Estimator 920-406-0123
Adam Hafeman Estimator 920-406-0138
Spencer Dohms Estimator 920-406-0136
Pete Verbeten Estimator/Project Manager 920-406-0141
Curt Nushart Estimator/Project Manager 920-406-0144
Laura Reed Estimating Coordinator 920-406-0148
Kristin Soli Estimating Coordinator 920-406-0166