St. Mary's Hospital

Green Bay, WI

Unique Features

  • The project includes a 22,000 square foot vegetated rooftop healing garden, one of the largest of its kind in Wisconsin.
  • Walking paths and seating is dispersed around the garden for patients, staff and visitors.
  • A two story water feature accents the private patient entry.
  • The rooftop garden includes a rainwater collection system that collects any water not absorbed by the plantings. Two cisterns hold this excess storm water which is then utilized to irrigate ground landscaping and healing gardens.
  • City of Green Bay Mayor's Beautification Award winner.

Scope of Work

The project is a two-story addition to the existing hospital for Medical and Radiation Oncology services, with an emphasis on providing a holistic healing environment for patients. The addition becomes the new main public entrance to the hospital, with a two story atrium which allows plenty of natural daylight as well as views outside to the adjacent water gardens.